About Us

Green energy for Africa from Africa from wind power, solar and hydrogen.

Ester Treuke-Kalangula

Born and raised in the north of Namibia, I worked at the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare in Windhoek after studying Business Administration.

During this time I developed a good network in Namibia. From 2016 to 2020 I lived and worked in a German company. I learned the language and got my first insights into the areas of renewable energies.

My heart beats early on for renewal in our country so that we can leave our children a future worth living. I co-founded the H2WS to get closer to the goal of a future worth living. In great hope that the energy transition will bring jobs and prosperity to our country, I will invest all my knowledge and energy in H2WS projects.

Today I am very proud to be a part of the H2WS. Together we will achieve the goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

The non-profit association “Touch a Life NAM” is supported by the projects of the H2WS and will participate in the development of better care for the Namibian population. Projects are already being planned.
Founders of “Touch a Life” Ester Treuke-Kalangula and Roland Treuke.


Roland Treuke

Many years of experience in the construction industry brought me to wind energy on my life path. I have been an entrepreneur since 1999 and have gained experience in various areas of the company.

I have also been involved in the construction of wind farms since 2016, from construction management to project management of large construction sites and the development of apps. In 2021 I moved to Namibia with my family to become part of the energy transition here in this beautiful country.

As a co-founder of H2WS, I have set myself the goal of producing climate-neutral, affordable energy in Namibia for Namibians. I’m following my goals very closely and I’m sure today that the H2WS will be part of climate improvement. Together with strong partners we will be part of climate neutrality 2050. Let’s tackle it together, better today than tomorrow, because someone else won’t do it for us.

The non-profit association “Touch a Life GER” supports humanitarian projects in Namibia. Founded in 2022 by 6 members and Roland Treuke, 2nd chairman.


Ingo Haschenburger

Ingo, the wind developer, supports the H2WS as a consultant. His many years of experience in German, but also in international companies in the wind energy industry should serve the H2WS.

Coordination of projects between EU partners and NAM partners is his main area of responsibility, Ingo also advises H2WS in the areas of planning and implementation of the projects.

He draws on long-standing partnerships with German developers and manufacturers and also serves as a consultant between the continents.